ENT Information

We have two sources of ENT information for our patients’ convenience.

The first is a set of links to the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery web page on ENT Health Information. The Academy is the official academic organization for ENT medicine and surgery and a reliable source of information. By clicking the window below, you will open a new window directly to the relevant Academy webpage where you can review and select Academy “Fact Sheets”.

  • Information on Ear Conditions: Click Here
  • Information on Nose, Mouth and Sinus: Click Here
  • Information on Pediatric ENT: Click Here
  • Information on Thyroid Disorders: Click Here

The Academy web pages on Head and neck problems are not yet available, however to access the National Cancer Institute webpage on Head & Neck Cancer: Click Here.

In addition we have information sheets that we have produced for our patients. These describe a variety of common ENT conditions, as well as ENT surgery. You can access these information sheets by clicking here.